Uber and other ride-sharing services have undoubtedly made life a lot easier when it comes to transportation, but there is a concerning issue regarding this service.

Fake Uber drivers aren’t a myth. They are real, and reports show they’ve already caused harm to unsuspecting passengers, like a woman in South Carolina who was kidnapped and killed by a man posing as her Uber driver. And there are many more stories of fake Uber drivers, which inevitably leads to the question: can you spot these fake Uber drivers and stay safe?


Here are 4 main signs to spot a fake ridesharing driver:

1. Different Car and License Plate

Uber offers passengers information on the type of vehicle that will pick you up, as well as the license plate. If the car that pulls up doesn’t match that description, then you should not approach it. Uber accounts can be cloned, and the driver may be posing as someone else. Of course, they will have an explanation for why the car is different, such as that it’s the vehicle of a friend they borrowed.

Don’t believe them.

2. They Don’t Know Your Name

You should never tell that Uber driver your name, instead ask them who they have to pick up. Company policy already states that the driver has to say the name of the passenger (it’s Uber’s way to increase security), but a fake Uber driver may not have this information at hand.

3. The Photo Doesn’t Match the Person

Uber drivers have a photo on their profile passengers can check to see if they are getting in the right car. Now, the model of the car of the license plate may match, but the person in the photo doesn’t. Should you get in?

It’s best not to. There are harmless explanations for why this is the case, but you should consider the possibility that the car and phone are stolen, in which case the thief is using another person’s account to pick up unsuspecting passengers.

4. They Ask You to Cancel the Ride

The fake Uber drive may ask you to cancel the ride, offering to take you where you need to go for a lower price. They’ll justify that this way they don’t have to pay the company commission, and can keep all the money for themselves.

This is very dangerous. The driver may even be the one from the app, but canceling the ride and getting in anyways means the app can no longer follow your trip, leaving you at the hands of the driver.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you were in a Uber accident but the driver turned out to be a fake one, you may still be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Please reach out to an Uber injury lawyer for a case review and to find out what are your best legal options.

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