Even though stockpiles of chemical weapons are already destroyed in most countries and in the course of destruction in others, incidents involving sarin can still occur through terrorist attacks or in the process of destruction handled by governmental agents. If you ever suspect being exposed to sarin, or if you know you are in the … Read more


The Impact of Bipolar Disorder on Work Productivity If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and you believe that your working conditions have triggered it, working with your doctor and your work comp lawyer to build a strong case will be necessary to gather all the necessary evidence of causality and evaluate the impact it … Read more


You phone one of your colleagues to find out what’s new at work. That’s when you hear: one of the employees have been making comments about your injury, saying that it was your fault that you got hurt, and tarnishing your reputation as a professional employee. You are angry and want to take action. So, … Read more