What to do if a powerline falls on your car

1.      Be Calm Naturally, your first instinct after a car accident would probably be to get out of the car immediately and get to safety. However, if the accident involves downed electrical wires, the safest place is often inside the vehicle. Fleeing the car can expose you to electrocution. So, to be safe, stay put … Read more


Don’t Panic! First things first, don’t panic. Panic causes confusion and disorientation, making you forget the steps you need to get out safe and sound. Panicking can also make it difficult for you to salvage available oxygen. So stay calm. A clear head will enable you to assess the situation and act quickly before your … Read more


However, getting involved in a motorcycle accident doesn’t equal automatic death. There are plenty of ways to ensure you make it through a motorcycle accident with your life. Let’s look at some of them briefly. Apply Both Brakes Before Collision Motorcycles have brakes on both the front and the back wheel. The front brake is … Read more


There are many different safety features on bikes, and each one is important for keeping you safe while riding. This article will discuss the different types of safety features on motorcycles and why they are important. We’ll also provide tips for staying safe while riding your bike. Continue reading! Top Safety Features: Bike Lights Bike … Read more