When a faulty airbag accident happens, you will likely suffer injuries on your face, chest, arms, neck, and back. You may also suffer internal bleeding and injuries, burns, and lacerations. 50457! That’s the number of lives saved by airbags as of  2017. Amazing, right? While this is phenomenal, faulty airbags have also caused severe injuries … Read more


No one riding a motorcycle wants to think about the potential that they might end up in an accident that could lead to injuries or death, but for an average of 84,000 motorcyclists per year, it’s a reality. One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is motorcycle defects. Let’s discuss the top motorcycle defects … Read more


2.      Uneven Wear Proper wheel alignment and suspension are vital for your car’s safety. Improper wheel alignment can lead to excessive and uneven tire wear and tear. This can, in turn, affect your car handling and could easily lead to a crash. Do you feel like your car is pulling to one side while driving? … Read more