Regardless of who is at fault for an accident, if the police ask you to submit to a test, you have to take it – or you can face immediate suspension of your license, along with other long-term consequences. What is probable cause? One reason that a police officer might suspect that you have been … Read more


Injured During A Police Chase: Am I Eligible For Compensation? Who doesn’t love car chasing scenes in movies? They can give you a rush even if you’re just sitting comfortably in the movie theatre. But as cool as they look on screen, in real life police officers aren’t exactly allowed to do whatever they want … Read more


If the other driver is at fault for the accident, you can still file a claim with their insurance company, but you won’t get compensation for your pain and suffering or emotional distress. Auto insurance is mandatory for any driver in Missouri, but sometimes we find ourselves in unfortunate situations. Statistics show that 14% of … Read more

It would make sense that if you are out either at a bar or restaurant or at someone’s house for a party, it is your responsibility to say when you’ve had too much to drink and not to drink and drive. But there are times when, if you drink too much while away from home … Read more