No one riding a motorcycle wants to think about the potential that they might end up in an accident that could lead to injuries or death, but for an average of 84,000 motorcyclists per year, it’s a reality.

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is motorcycle defects. Let’s discuss the top motorcycle defects or malfunctions that could lead to an accident.

Frame Defects

If your motorcycle frame cannot withstand the normal riding conditions, it may crack, exposing you to the risk of accidents. Also, if the frame is not straight, the front suspension and swing arm will be misaligned. This could cause handling problems, which can be catastrophic at high speed.

Engine Defects

The engine supplies the powers that keep your motorcycle moving. No one expects their motorcycle engines to stop running abruptly. Unfortunately, this might happen if your engine is defective.

Even a minor engine defect can hurt your motorcycle’s performance, forcing it to make an unexpected halt, which could be fatal to you and anyone on the road.

Fuel System Defect

If the fuel system has a manufacturing defect, it can put you in harm’s way. Gas leaks expose you to fuel burns, given the fuel system is located just below the motorcycle saddle. Gas leaks can also lead to a motorcycle fire.

Defective Brakes

Defective brakes can limit your motorcycle’s braking ability when you need it most and can make you crash into a tree, another vehicle, or rail guard. If a defective brake was the cause of your motorcycle crash, you might have a legal claim against your mechanic or the brake system manufacturer.

Tire Failure

When you have a tire blowout, chances are you will swerve or skid when trying to slow down. This has the potential of causing a dangerous accident that might leave you with life-threatening injuries.

Handlebars Defects

Handlebars are essential in keeping your motorcycle stable on the road. If your handlebars are not in good shape, chances are you will wobble and have trouble staying on the right path. This could increase your risk of getting into a motorcycle accident.

Pursuing Compensation

You should regularly take your motorcycle for maintenance, ride safely, and wear protective gear. But you may still end up in an accident no matter how careful you are. If you get involved in a motorcycle accident, who should compensate you for your injuries? In Missouri, the negligent party in an accident will be required to pay for all the injuries and damages sustained.

Seek Legal Representation

If you or your family member has been injured in a motorcycle crash, you deserve to be compensated for all the injuries you sustained. Often, without legal representation, your claim may be dismissed, or you could get low compensation, which may not be enough to take care of your injuries and damages.

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