There are plenty of ways to ensure you make it through a motorcycle accident with your life.

It’s no secret that negligent car drivers are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. However, it would be unfair to put all the blame on car drivers alone. A large chunk of motorcycle accidents result from negligence on motorcyclists’ part.

Motorcycle accidents can be more dangerous than car accidents. That’s because most of them end up in severe injuries and sometimes death. Remember, unlike cars, motorcycles don’t have seatbelts.


However, getting involved in a motorcycle accident doesn’t equal automatic death. There are plenty of ways to ensure you make it through a motorcycle accident with your life. Let’s look at some of them briefly.

Apply Both Brakes Before Collision

Motorcycles have brakes on both the front and the back wheel. The front brake is the strongest one and will play the most significant part in bringing the motorcycle to a stop. However, you want to apply both brakes for the greatest effect. When doing so, make sure you start with the front brakes, then proceed with the rear brakes. Also, ensure you progressively apply pressure on the brakes to keep the inertia from thrusting you forward.

Always Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet should be next to nature, especially for avid motorcyclists. Never get on a motorcycle unless you have a helmet on, even if you’re just a passenger. Your head is super sensitive, and failing to wear a helmet leaves your head exposed to severe impact and consequent injury. Although you want the wind in your face and hair, driving without a helmet is an absolute no-no.

Stay on the Motorcycle After a Crash

After having an accident on your motorcycle, you might be tempted to let go of the motorcycle. However, in most cases, this will work to your detriment. If you let go of the bike, the impact may throw you a long way from the crash site and possibly in the direction of oncoming traffic. To be on the safe side, stay on the bike and better your chances of survival.

Crash “Safely”

In cases where crashing is inevitable, do your best to pick a crash point that has the least impact. Before hitting the brakes, direct your motorcycle to a crash point that’s least likely to cause severe injuries. For instance, avoid crashing into oncoming traffic or colliding with any object head-on. Instead, what you want to do is turn your bike, so you collide into objects or traffic sideways. This will help you reduce the severity of your impact.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The above tips should help you increase your survival chances when involved in a motorcycle accident. Remember the few steps you take before and after an accident are crucial in ensuring you survive the ordeal.

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