Insects are not exactly what comes to mind when you hear the word “Distracted-driving,” but did you know bothersome bugs rank among the top most common distractions for drivers? That’s right; insects can distract drivers, cause accidents and result in catastrophic injuries or even death.

Below, we’ll look at common insects that contribute to distracted driving accidents and what you should do if you notice insects or crawlies in your car while driving.


Common Bugs That May Cause Distracted Driving

Some of the crawlies that may get in your car and interfere with your ability to operate your car safely include bees, wasps, ants, spiders, ticks, moths, and mayflies. Unfortunately, controlling these pesky creatures inside your car can be challenging and could result in distracted driving.

How Do Insects Cause Distracted Driving Accidents?

Any strange insects moving inside your car can be a dangerous distraction. They can evoke fear, forcing you to react aggressively to get them off your body. As a result, you may:

–          Suddenly slam on your brake or accelerate, leading to fatal head-on or rear-end collisions.

–          Swerve and get into the way of oncoming vehicles

–          Get your hands off the steering to hit the insects only to lose control and strike a utility pole, tree, or guard rail

–          Develop panic attacks, especially if you have insect phobia

–          Run a red light or make an unsafe lane change

–          Have blurred vision making you drive right into road obstacles, potholes, or even other vehicles

Preventing Creatures from Entering Your Car

Do the following to prevent insects and other creatures from entering your car:

–          Keep your car windows completely closed while driving

–          If you suspect there’s a creature in your hood, bang on it before you start your ride.

–          Never store food or sweet things inside your car

–          Ensure your car windows are shut at night

What Should You Do When Insects Attack When Driving?

–          When creatures enter your car when driving, roll down your windows to allow them to exit

–          Try as much as possible to focus on the road and never get your hands off the wheel to deal with the creature. This is the only way to avoid life-ending accidents.

–          Pullover on the road shoulder and safely exit the car.

–          Get the creature out of your car. However, some creatures can be venomous, be sure to contact specialists to deal with them.

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